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Missing 20-month-old Quinton Simon found dead in a landfill

Chatham County Police Chief Jeffrey M. Hadley shared his appreciation to his community for bringing ‘justice to Baby Quinton’



After a heartbreaking five-week search in a landfill for the remains of the youngster, the chief of the police department that is investigating the alleged murder of Quinton Simon has broken his silence.

On October 5, Quinton Simon, who was only 20 months old at the time, was reported missing from his residence in Chatham County, Georgia.

The remains of “Baby Quinton” was found in Superior Landfill on November 18, 2018, after the police had spent weeks searching for him. The identification of his body was confirmed by DNA testing three days after the discovery.

Leilani Simon, Quinton’s mother, was arrested three days after it was confirmed that her son’s remains had been located. It is thought that she is responsible for her son’s unexpected death, and she was taken into custody.

Leilani is facing charges of murder as well as concealing the death of another individual.

In addition to that, she is being accused of making false claims and filing fake reports regarding her kid.

Sunday marked nearly two months after the discovery of Quinton’s remains, and the Chatham County Police Chief Jeffrey M. Hadley took the time to reach out to his community with a letter that was published in Savannah Now.

“I have always been struck by the strong sense of community and caring nature of those that call Chatham County and Savannah home,” Hadley wrote.

“This was on full show and self-evident when our town was faced with the horrific death of ‘Baby Quinton Simon,’ as well as the accompanying exhaustive inquiry and landfill search,” the author writes.

Hadley said, “The amount of resources this community used to help the Chatham County Police Department find justice showed a level of humanity that is so often overlooked in the world today.”

Additionally, the chief congratulated his employees for the “great job they accomplished,” as well as their law enforcement, public safety, and governmental partners for their contributions.