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WWE Star Hulk Hogan no longer able to feel his legs after having nerves cut during back surgery

Hulk Hogan Can’t Feel His Legs After Back Surgery



WWE legend Hulk Hogan is in our thoughts and prayers. The superstar had back surgery recently and is now unable to feel his lower body due to a nerve being cut.

The former WWE Champion was unable to feel anything, including his legs. He is now moving around with a cane.

The WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle discussed his presence at the WWE Raw 30th anniversary show on the most recent episode of the “Kurt Angle Show” that can be found on

Angle mentioned that he was able to have a conversation with Hulk Hogan. Angle reported that Hogan had informed him about his back problems and the fact that he now needs to walk with a cane since he can’t feel his legs.

Angle said, “I did talk to Hulk Hogan for a while, about half an hour, and I also talked to Undertaker for about half an hour.” “Those were the two guys I wanted to see when I went there, so it was great that I was able to do that.”

Angle continued, “Hogan had more surgery on his back. He had all of the nerves in his legs cut. He can’t feel his legs, so he needs a cane to get around. I thought that he used the cane because his back hurts. He’s not in any pain. He has absolutely nothing. He has no feelings. He can’t feel his legs anymore, so he has to use a cane to walk. Man, that’s a pretty big deal. I really feel sorry for Hogan. He gave the business everything he had, and it ate him up.”

Hogan has discussed the back and hip problems he has experienced as a result of years of bumps in the ring, more specifically the leg drops he gave while competing in his matches. Hogan’s career lasted for many years. Hogan has stated publicly that looking back on it, he believes that he could have benefited from using a different move. Our thoughts and prayers are with Hogan as he battles through these health difficulties.