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Rasean Patterson and Dahviere Griswold arrested and charged with murder of Brexialee Torres-Ortiz

Two men have been arrested and charged in connection to the shooting that killed 11-year-old Brexialee Torres-Ortiz last week.



At 10 o’clock in the morning, the Syracuse Police Department held a news conference in order to provide a “major update” on the investigation into the death of Brexialee Torres-Ortiz.

Yesterday evening, two guys, identified as Rasean Patterson, age 18, and Dahviere Griswold, age 20, were taken into custody and charged with murder, as shown by the records of the local jail. This morning, both of them appeared in court for their arraignments in the City of Syracuse.

In addition, there were individuals present who worked for the Office of the District Attorney for Onondaga County as well as the Mayor’s Office.

Syracuse Police Chief Cecile provided information on the suspect’s current charges during a press conference that was conducted at the Public Safety Building, which is located at 511 South State Street.

“Two of the three individuals who are accused of carrying out the shooting that claimed Brexi’s life were detained and charged with second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm yesterday afternoon. There is still one more suspect in connection with this terrible occurrence, but he is neither unidentified nor at wild, according to Chief Cecile.

According to statements made by Fitzpatrick today, two of the suspects have been apprehended and charged, while the third suspect is a juvenile who is 16 years old.

The district attorney will provide more information regarding the third person, who is 16 years old and a resident of a juvenile facility in the state of New York outside of family court, once he is in custody. In all likely, the case will proceed to trial, according to Fitzpatrick.

“On the day Brexi was killed, he was away from the prison on a furlough. He could leave the facility tonight because he lives here, but he has no plans to leave. We’ll locate him.

According to Fitzpatrick, the institution is a non-secure facility that is located just north of New York City. He also stated that the youngster is aware that they would be coming to talk to him and bring him back to Onondaga County very soon.

However, there is still a long way to go.

Brexi’s mother remained silent and remained behind Chief Cecile.

The family’s representative, Reverend Maritza Perez, spoke on their behalf and expressed their gratitude for all that the neighbourhood had done for them.