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Private Investigator for Levi Davis’s family says that he may have drowned in Barcelona Port as he owed a hundred thousand pounds to the Somali mob

According to the family’s private investigator, X Factor star Levi Davis may have drowned in Barcelona Port after being chased by a gang over a debt of 100,000 euros.



The 24-year-old ex-rugby player was last saw leaving an Irish pub in Barcelona on October 29. According to authorities, his passport was later discovered near the city’s harbour.

In an effort to locate Levi, his family has hired a private detective after learning that neither his phone nor bank card have been used since he disappeared.

But now there are rumours that Levi may have racked up massive debts with Somali criminals as his partying got out of hand.

The mother of the former rugby player who disappeared in Barcelona on October 29 will explain on Wednesday on the program Good morning, Britain , on the ITV television channel, that she now has very little hope of finding her son safe and sound.

The truth is that the latest investigations of the dozen professional bloodhounds led by British celebrity detective Gavin Burrows who have been trying to find the young athlete for weeks are not encouraging. Levi Davis owed around £100,000 to the Somali mob. We are talking about more or less 115,000 euros. The young man, barely 24 years old, found himself in a blind alley, in an extremely complicated situation, completely desperate, anguished, overwhelmed… The former athlete who tried to make his way in the world of music through reality shows Brits lost control, plunged into a spiral of partying and excess, didn’t realize where he was slowly getting into until…

“Fleeing, Davis actually came to Barcelona fleeing from these criminals,” explains one of the detective Burrows’ team sleuths on the Rambla itself. These days British television records a special program on this gruesome story. The family of the disappeared person offers a reward of 11,500 euros for any information that clarifies what happened. No questions asked.

“Davis had adopted an outrageous lifestyle and found himself in a very delicate situation. He really was sure they were after him. In fact, he was convinced that they had already tried to poison him on one occasion ”. So he flew to Eivissa, to a friend’s house. There he left most of his luggage and embarked on a ferry to Barcelona. He said that he wanted to settle some issues here, but he did not specify which ones. That night he loses his trail ”. On the Rambla, shortly after nine at night, at the gates of The Old Irish Pub.

Davis’s friend living in Eivissa also points out that a day later cruise ship workers reported that a person was in the sea, that shortly after the search operations were suspended because no one was missing, neither the crew nor the passengers. “We did not report Davis missing until several days later. And his passport appeared in the port a couple of weeks later.

“What we do know is that a friend sent him 30 pounds through Bizum so that he could pay for a place to sleep,” continues the researcher, “and also that he intended to meet a person he had met on social media, a person who had never really had seen, a person who could provide us with valuable information about what happened. But we only have one nickname . Perhaps it was nothing more than a decoy from the gangsters themselves who were looking for him… We cannot rule out any hypothesis”.

Perhaps he was assassinated, perhaps he was kidnapped and forced to work as a mule on some remote border, perhaps he stowed away and now even dares to show his head…