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Fire engulfs at Harper Square Co-Operative building in Chicago, Illinois

6 hospitalized, at least 9 floors involved in Kenwood high-rise fire



At least nine levels are involved in the fire that the Chicago fire department is battling at a high-rise building in Kenwood.

The fire can be seen coming from the direction of the 4800 block of South Lake Park, where the Harper Square Cooperative is located. According to CFD’s statement to FOX3, the alarm level is currently 3-11, but it might be raised to 4-11. At this point, at least nine storeys have been affected by the fire.

One person was transported in critical condition, while five people were transported in good condition from the scene.

CFD has determined that there is no danger to the building and that it will not collapse. It is ascending in a vertical direction, which makes it difficult to transport water to the upper floors.

According to CFD, there were no additional residents in the building who were injured.

According to CFD’s Larry Langford, who was interviewed by FOX3, “It is a challenge, but they are trained for it and we have plenty of employees at the scene.”