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Faculty member Mark Ridgeway died in a bus related accident on campus at Mortimer Jordan High School

A staff member at Mortimer Jordan High School was killed in an accident involving a school bus earlier today



Classes have been cancelled at Mortimer Jordan High School today. The coroner’s office says they got a call just before 7:30 this morning to investigate a death at the school. We will be speaking with school officials momentarily.

A Jefferson County high school teacher, who was also a bus driver, was killed Wednesday in what authorities described as a “bus incident.”

Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin said no student saw it happen, but one student was on campus at the time that witnessed the aftermath.

Statement issued from the School:

This morning we have had a tragic accident that resulted in the death of one of our staff members. More information will be forthcoming as soon as we can release it. All school activities, including after school activities, for Mortimer Jordan High School are cancelled for today. We will resume normal school activities on Thursday, January 26th.

There was a wreck with 4 vehicles this morning.

The report follows an incident on campus.

Currently, first responders are present at the school.

No other information has been provided.

Mark was married to Connie Ridgeway and have 4 children. He also had wonderful Son-in Law. He was Senior Pastor at Faith Worship Center in Sumiton, Al. He was also the Department Chair of the History Department at Mortimer Jordan High School where He teach 10th Grade History. He also drive a school bus. He enjoy working with his dad with the American Indian Ministry and love to travel.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.