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Cory Ciekot has been located

The US Govt, FBI, and embassy are all working together with CR police to assist in locating Cory and helping him



Cory is a military veteran and has been missing since Jan 16th. He was last seen at the Liberia Airport in Costa Rica on Monday at 1pm.

He suddenly cancelled his rental car and never showed up at his VRBO despite messaging them he’d been there at 5pm. He’s vanished without a trace.

No cellphone activation, no internet, no tracking, no social media, etc.

He has no resources in CR and there is serious concern for his well being.

He has a tattoo on his left leg, like the one shown in the picture.

Any information you can provide is indispensable to the telephone 800-8000645 or WhatsApp 8800-0645 of the Confidential Information Center.