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Police investigating a shooting took place at the Del City High School boys basketball game against Millwood High School

Officials have confirmed at least one person was shot after a basketball game in Del City.



Mid-Del Schools says that at the end of the game, there was a fight and shots were fired both inside and outside the field house. Police say that an adult man was shot, not a student. Before the police could reach him, he was driven to the hospital in a car. Right now, we don’t know what’s wrong with him, but investigators are with him at the hospital.

This evening’s major game in Del City was protected by at least four of the city’s police officers. According to what we’ve been told, the conclusion of the game turned out to be contentious, which may have contributed to a brawl amongst fans. At this event, there were at least 500 persons present.

Del City High School officials released a statement that said, “After the completion of the boy’s basketball game against Millwood High School, a fight occurred and gunshots were fired inside the field house. The Del City Police Department is onsite and investigating the incident. We have made the decision to shift to a virtual learning day for Wednesday, January 18. We will continue to update our families as more information becomes available.”

There are currently no suspects in custody. The authorities are requesting that anyone who may have information come forward.

On Wednesday, January 18, Del City High School will switch to a virtual learning day.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.