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Caller told dispatchers they were bringing an automatic weapon to the Ottawa Hills High School to get revenge on a teacher

Officials release the false Ottawa Hills Local Schools active shooter threat call. The caller falsely told dispatchers they would bring an automatic weapon to the school to get revenge on a teacher.



According to the Ottawa Hills Police Chief John Wenzlick, law enforcement personnel are currently investigating a rumoured active shooter threat that was made at Ottawa Hills High School on Friday. According to the audio recording that was made public by the authorities late on Friday afternoon, the unknown caller lied to dispatchers and said that they planned to bring an automatic weapon to the school in order to exact revenge on a teacher.

Ottawa Hills Police Chief John Wenzlick says the report of a shooting at OH High School was a hoax but they had to take the threat seriously. There was no shooting and no one was hurt. School Superintendent Adam Fineske calls it “frustrating” as they are just trying to educate students.

On Friday, just before 8 o’clock in the morning, there were reports of an active shooter at the Ottawa Hills High School.

According to Toledo Fire & Rescue, an instant entrance was made inside the school by multiple law enforcement agencies once they had reacted to the incident.

According to those officials, nothing was discovered. The area was given the all-clear just a few minutes before 9 in the morning.

The statement made by Ottawa Hills Police Chief John Wenzlick stated that “every indication is that it was a bogus threat.”

In an email that was issued to the parents of students at Ottawa Hills, authorities stated that the elementary school would stay on lockdown and that students from the junior high and senior high would be moved to the gym at the elementary school.

At this time for precautionary reasons the elementary school remains on lockdown. All students are safe. No students are injured. Students from the Junior/Senior high are being escorted to the elementary school new gym. We are following directives from the police. The elementary school will continue to remain on lockdown. We will communicate more information as it becomes available.

Joint statement just emailed to parents/guardians from Dr. Fineske and Chief Wenzlick:

The safety of students, faculty, staff and our community is our number one priority. This communication serves as an official update from both Ottawa Hills Local Schools and the Village of Ottawa Hills Police Department.

This morning around 7:50 a.m. the police received a threat of an active shooter and a person being shot at the junior/senior high school. Police from at least six area departments responded immediately and the school district placed both buildings on lockdown. Students who were not already in the buildings were directed to return home.

All faculty, staff and students followed established safety procedures, and both schools remained on lock down for precautionary reasons under police direction. The OHPD and the school district worked in unison as events unfolded and details were verified. Per our crisis response plan and training, junior/senior high students were evacuated to the football field, and later escorted to the elementary school where no active threat was present. It was then decided that all students should be released from school to their parents/guardians.

It was determined by law enforcement that this threat was a hoax. OHPD is partnering with state and federal officials to investigate the source of the phone call.

At 1 p.m. this afternoon, after all students were safely released from school, district leadership pulled together with the OHPD, the school board of education president, and school counselors to process the events of the day, and plan for the students’ return to school next week.

When school resumes on Tuesday, Jan. 17 (following the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday)

A greater presence of Ottawa Hills Police will be at both buildings at arrival, dismissal and throughout the school day and at evening activities

Our school counselors and a team of extra crisis counselors will be available for students at both buildings all week

Therapy dogs will be present Tuesday at the start of the day at the junior/senior high school and during recesses at the elementary school

Our school counselors and school psychologist have prepared a tool for you with tips for supporting children following a traumatic event. Access that information here

We know that communicating during times like this is so important, and appreciate the patience of parents and community members as district leadership and law enforcement prioritized student and staff safety.