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At least six people were killed in Alabama due to tornadoes

At least six people were killed in Alabama today due to tornadoes; the deaths came in Autauga County in the Kingston area, which is between U.S. 82 an I-65 north of Prattville.



Autauga County Sheriff David Hill confirms six fatalities near Kingston in Autauga County. The search and rescue effort is still ongoing.

On Thursday, a tornado outbreak occurred across a portion of the South, particularly in the state of Alabama. Warnings of the extremely uncommon “Tornado Emergency” were given more than once. These are warnings with an increased hazard wording because the tornadoes seem “textbook” on radar, but also because they have been sighted by one or more people and they are seen to be causing damage.

The historic city of Selma was reportedly struck by a tornado. The parent thunderstorm eventually grew stronger and moved directly over Interstate 65 south of Verbana, where it eventually came to a head.

Extreme weather was forecasted a long time in advance, with Outlook regions outlined early in the day and official Tornado Watches issued in the hours before the tornadoes reached their target areas. On Thursday evening, the potential for severe weather will continue to spread into Georgia and northern Florida from its current location in South Carolina.

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service will investigate the damage to establish how severe the tornadoes were using the Enhanced Fujita scale. They will also calculate how far the tornadoes moved and the maximum wind speeds they reached.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.