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All clear at Fort Carson in Colorado, No longer active shooter

All clear at Fort Carson, Colorado. No longer active shooter. Suspect in custody after shooting a pellet gun.



Update: There has been an alleged shooting on post in the 3rd Brigade Combat Team area where we can confirm one shot was fired from what is assessed to be a pellet gun. One person is being treated for minor injuries.

At this time law enforcement has secured the scene and is in control of the site. Shelter in place is not required at this time. An investigation is ongoing and more information will be released once received.

Initial Report:

Gates are closed and no one is allowed to leave at this time. Reports are that someone was shooting a BB gun.

We are receiving reports of an active shooter threat at Fort Carson, CO IVO Building 2346 near Stacks DFAC in the 3rd BCT AO. At this point, we are working to verify the information. It always better to be safe than sorry! Therefore, personnel in the immediate vicinity, please take necessary self-protection measures. We will advise immediately with any new information received.