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Who was sound Grammy-winning engineer and music producer Mark Capps?

A Grammy-winning record producer and sound engineer Mark Capps was shot and killed by a Metro Police SWAT officer trying to serve warrants



Mark Capps was the son of Grammy-winning songwriter, Jimmy Capps. Mark Capps was a Grammy-winning engineer in his own right.

Mark Capps was an American sound engineer and music producer. He co-won the Grammy Award for Best Polka Album in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

On Thursday, the Metro Nashville Police Department released a statement confirming that officers shot and killed a man in the Hermitage neighborhood.

On Thursday afternoon, the incident with the shooting took place on Summit Run Place. The SWAT officer opened fire on Mark Capps, who was 54 years old and sought for kidnapping and aggravated assault at the time of the incident.

Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Metro Police Department, claimed that the criminal activity started about three in the morning on Thursday. Aaron reported that Capps’ wife, who was 60 years old, and his stepdaughter, who was 23 years old, were forced awake at gunpoint and led into a family room. According to the authorities, Capps informed the women that he would murder them if they tried to get help or if they ran away from the house.

Aaron claimed that sometime after sunrise, Capps dozed out, allowing the women to escape and report the incident to the authorities. At that time, warrants for Capps’ arrest were issued by the authorities.

On Thursday afternoon, a SWAT squad responded to the location at 128 Summit Run Place. According to Aaron, Capps answered the door armed with a gun, and a SWAT team member opened fire, resulting in Capps’ death.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that it will be conducting an investigation into the shooting that involved a law enforcement officer and that it has sent special agents to the scene.