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Surviving roommate of the Idaho murders, Dylan Mortensen, Came Face-to-Face With Bryan Kohberger

Dylan Mortensen peeked outside her bedroom door a second time when she heard crying coming from the bedroom of her other roommate, Xana Kernodle. “It’s okay, I’m going to help you.”



Mortensen reported to the authorities that she had heard a male voice tell her, “It’s okay, I’m going to help you.”

Authorities were informed by the roommate, who went by the name of Dylan Mortensen, that she heard “crying” coming from Xana Kernodle’s room and overheard a man say, “I’m going to help you.”

D.M. was initially awakened by the noises of victim Kaylee Goncalves playing with her dog in one of the upstairs bedrooms at 4 a.m. on the night of the murders.

A short while later, according to court documents, the surviving roommate claimed she overheard someone say, “There’s someone here.”

Authorities were informed by the roommate that she peered out of her bedroom but did not notice anyone else present.

After hearing what she described as “sobbing” coming from Xana’s bedroom, the witness once again opened her door and heard a male voice say something along the lines of “it’s okay, I’m going to help you.”

D.M. swung her door open for the third time as she continued to hear screams coming from the corridor. At that moment, she went into a state of shock after seeing what she described as a “masked man in black clothing” in the hallway.

The woman, who was described by detectives as being in a “frozen shock phase,” reported to them that the masked suspect strolled past her and headed toward the back sliding door of the house.

After that, the surviving roommate shut the door and locked herself inside.

Investigators were able to link Kohberger to the crime scene because his cell phone pinged near the residence and they found a “tan leather knife sheath” lying next to the victim Madison Mogen’s bed. Madison was the person who was murdered.

The garbage was found in the residence of the Kohberger family in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, on December 27, 2017, after the police had narrowed their focus on Kohberger as a possible suspect.

The next day, an Idaho laboratory revealed a DNA profile recovered from the garbage, and another DNA profile retrieved from the sheath identified a person as not being excluded as the biological father of the suspect. Both of these DNA profiles were obtained from the trash.

The affidavit also contains other disturbing details, such as the fact that the suspect is said to have gone to the house where the murders took place a total of twelve times beginning in June of 2022.

According to the records filed in the case, the visits occurred either late in the evening or very early in the morning.