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Damar Hamlin’s uncle Dorrian Glenn gives update on NFL star with fears of lung damage

Damar Hamlin’s uncle Dorrian Glenn gives status update on NFL star with fears of ‘lung damage after Bills safety resuscitated twice’



Dorrian Glenn, Damar Hamlin’s uncle, has provided additional information about his nephew’s illness in a recent statement.

After making a tackle on wide receiver Tee Higgins during the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills on Monday, January 2, Hamlin, who was 24 years old, went into cardiac arrest.

Hamlin was initially able to stand up, but then instantly collapsed on the field, at which point trainers and medical personnel rushed onto the field to administer CPR.

Hamlin was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center shortly after the incident occurred, and he is currently being treated in intensive care, where reports indicate that his condition is severe.

His marketing representative, Jordon Rooney, stated that Hamlin’s vital signs had returned to normal as of Monday evening; nonetheless, he had to be put to sleep so that “a breathing tube could be inserted down his throat.”

Since then, there has been very little information provided regarding Hamlin’s current state.

However, Hamlin’s uncle Dorrian Glenn reportedly told him that his nephew needed resuscitation twice—”Once on the field at Paycor Stadium, and once after he arrived to the hospital,” according to ESPN’s Coley Harvey.

Additionally, Glenn is alleged to have stated that “lung damage is a concern.”

Glenn also expressed praise for the medical staff at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the outpouring of sympathy that his family has received from Cincinnati, according to Harvey.

Glenn also talked to Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network. He told him, “His nephew is on a ventilator, but he’s getting better. He used to need 100% of the oxygen, but now he only needs 50%.”

Even though he is under sedation, the primary concern is that he will soon be able to breathe on his own and that his lungs will heal.

Glenn was described as having said the following by Matt Parrino of “There are a lot of people who, while they are still alive, are not aware of how much love there is for them. It’s going to mean a lot to him to know that he has a chance to get better in the future and to see how much love he’s received in the meantime.”

An update was sent by Hamlin’s family earlier on Tuesday, and it stated as follows: “On behalf of our family, we want to convey our profound gratitude for the love and support extended to Damar during this difficult time.

“We are deeply moved by the prayers, kind words, and donations from fans around the country.

“We also want to acknowledge the dedicated first responders and healthcare professionals at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who have provided exceptional care to Damar.

“We feel so blessed to be part of the Buffalo Bills organization and to have their support.”