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Suspect arrested in connection to shooting death of Greensboro mother Natasha Yvette Walker

A suspect is in custody in connection to the shooting death of Greensboro mother Natasha Yvette Walker on New Year’s Day, police say.



Friends and family of the 32-year-old Natasha Yvette Walker from Greensboro say she was a motivator, a great singer, and a light in people’s lives.

According to a news release issued by the Greensboro Police Department on Tuesday, a suspect has been taken into custody in connection with a homicide that occurred on New Year’s Day.

After receiving information that gunshots had been heard in the vicinity of Cridland Road and Parkway Street at approximately 1:42 in the morning on Sunday, law enforcement authorities responded to the area.

Natasha Yvette Walker, 32, had been shot, which police found at the scene. Later, the police said Walker had died from her injuries.

Natasha had recently been married and was a mother to two children, according to members of her family who spoke to FOX3. They say that she passed while while attempting to help another person.

They told FOX3 she was a kind person who assisted a large number of people despite having a limited amount of time. Her purpose in life was to be an inspiration to those around her, and that is how her family hopes everyone will remember her.

One of Natasha’s friends and coworkers, Monte Burley, remarked, “She was always just such a lovely and bubbly personality ever since I first met her.”