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What we know about shooting outside of the Greenwood Park Mall

Here’s what we know about shooting outside of the Greenwood Park Mall near Dicks’ Sporting Goods. This is an on going investigation.



Someone got hurt at Greenwood Park Mall, but it’s not clear if it was related to the shots that were fired outside Dicks’ Sporting Goods on Friday.

  • No active shooter situation at any time
  • No one shot
  • No injuries except someone fell and hurt their knee during panic
  • Altercation outside between multiple individuals shooting at each other
  • Eyewitnesses being interviewed
  • Mall being cleared as a precaution
  • Shots fired outside between Dicks and old Sears
  • No suspects in custody
  • No suspect descriptions to share at this time
  • Place outside of applebees to pick up loved ones

Greenwood Police Department issued the following statement:

Tonight, Greenwood Police Department responded to a call of shots fired outside of Dick’s Sporting Goods at Greenwood Park Mall. There has been no reported injuries. At this time it is deemed safe.

If there are any witnesses, please call Non-Emergency Johnson County Dispatch at 317-346-6336.

This is an on going investigation.

Initial Report:

A number of different law enforcement organizations are reacting to a complaint of shooting at Greenwood Park Mall.

The first reports of gunfire were received just after 5 o’clock in the evening.

Multiple sources inside the police department have confirmed that there are no victims who were hit by the gunshots.

Multiple casings found outside.

The mall has been put on lockdown and is presently undergoing a search.

IMPD has been called in to assist in a search for suspects that are believed to have left the mall. ISP has been called in to assist on a sweep of the mall.

Police are looking for multiple potential suspects.

No suspects have been identified, and there has been no information immediately released regarding any arrests.

Police ask public to please stay out of the area.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.